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New LED lighting system to make more energy saving lamps

Datetime: 2016-3-30 7:52:34    Hits: 1091

Although the city street lamp can illuminate the road, but it also brings a lot of light pollution and energy waste, but it has long been blamed but no solution. However, according to the report currently have a group composed of two words China Taiwan and Mexico researchers developed a new lighting system, the system through the process, the application of LED, make sure where the street lamp illuminates only need light, and does not produce other unnecessary light.

"Is a unique feature of the new LED system, it can may adapt different street street layout, for the supply of all the streets and roads, the lighting," to participate in the study of Central Taiwan University of China photoelectric science with engineering professor Ching Cherng Sun said.

The new street lamp system is made up of three parts. The first part consists of a string of light emitting diodes, each of them is equipped with a known as total internal reflection lens (TIR) assembly, its action is for collecting light rays, precise control of beam and the parallel rays emitted and do not cross over each other.

These lenses are mounted in a reflective chamber, the effect is to recover the light, to ensure that they can be more used to illuminate the target, which is the second part of the system. The third part is the most outer light line filter assembly, its effect is to reduce the excess glare. After the process of this unique structure, the researchers can control the shape of the beam, the initial design of the beam shape is rectangular, very suitable for road lighting.

Researchers have applied the optical application rate (OUF) to quantify the performance of the street lamp, the higher the light application rate, the better the performance of the road lamp. Computer simulation results show that this new type of street lamp system light application rate can reach 51% to 81%, far more than the current popular street lights 45%. In addition, compared with the traditional street lamps, this new type of street lamp brightness is higher, more energy saving, not easy to produce glare and light pollution.