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The importance of street lamps in the road

Datetime: 2016-3-30 7:51:43    Hits: 1109

I know the importance and significance of a dying off the road lights in the dark night. The absence of traffic lights, drive like the owner of lost guidelines, road "blindness" to the pedestrian and vehicle here occurs competition, side light blockage, side traffic accidents, driving at night are in order to bring the spirit of a high degree of concentration, open once the desert will face the risk of life, need in the night is the need for careful driving, on the road without lights need more cautious. In which the importance of street lamps can be imagined.

The road lamp is set on the road to provide the necessary visibility for the vehicles and pedestrians at night. Road lamps generally requires a reasonable light distribution, the best long life of its light source, the annual use of maintenance free. High light efficiency, good color rendering, can be in the ultra low temperature environment to start the normal work of the characteristics of the instantaneous.

Last road lamp manufacturers revealed that the security booth traffic signal lamp is also very important. At least can bring certain lighting to the road in the vicinity of, especially in the road sloping surface or substantial turn road, making many of the past, people in fear and trembling, so its importance, we can imagine!