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Street lamp manufacturers gathered in Yangzhou Street Light Exhibition

Datetime: 2016-3-30 7:50:33    Hits: 1160

Yangzhou fifth street lamp exhibition in the day before yesterday (28 days) successful closing. Yangzhou road lantern show mainly to "China outdoor lighting" for relying on industry, based on source of the street lamp lighting industry, integrating resources of street lighting industry, the downstream linkage model of innovation, to create a 2.6 million square meters of large-scale exhibition, lighting production enterprises and buyers and dealers to build procurement directly, facilitate trade, super high price of outdoor lighting a station type trade platform.

Exhibition of new products, innovative lighting products gathered, the impact of the exhibition continues to upgrade

2016 Yangzhou road lights, with manufacturers direct exhibitors, mainly exhibitors are more than 200 well-known brands.

As usual every street exhibition, Yangzhou Street exhibition this year as bursting with popularity. This period of 3 days of "lighting big event" to local and foreign buyers a street lamp feast, but also to a number of brands to release a strategic and understanding of the market window. Moreover, this year"s street lamp exhibition also shows some of the different characteristics of the past, in the whole of China"s street light industry, Yangzhou street light show its growing importance. Exhibitors will also be a good harvest this year. From the point of view of the data given by the exhibitors, this year"s major brands are completed before the planned target tasks, traffic and sales of two important indicators than in previous years to continue to maintain an upward trend. At the same time, street lighting fair also in accordance with the goal of "specialization, marketization and internationalization" meticulous operation, actively build China street lamps and lighting lamps and lanterns exhibition platform, promote the supply and demand sides of the exchange of technology, information communication, to promote the new energy, new light and new materials fields to carry out international cooperation have been effective, help enterprises to improve international competitiveness, and promoting sustainable economic and social development, and strive to build a high international reputation, good effect of trade brand exhibition exhibition.